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Triple Seat Movie Download HD Tamilrockers But his kind nature lands him in trouble when he’s forcibly married to a woman who wants to flee from her abusive father. To top that, we soon learn that Krushna is already engaged to a different girl. The film is about the predicament of the commitment he makes to everyone.

Triple Seat may be a story that beats round the bush and fails to possess any quite impact on the audience. Given the very fact that the film may be a drama/ comedy, one would expect it to be relatable, but that does not happen either.

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The film begins with Krushna’s (Ankush Chaudhari) story. he’s a kind-hearted one that helps anyone who asks for it. One day, Krushna gets a random call from a stranger named Meera aka Tanvi (Shivani Surve) who says she has been kidnapped and wishes help. Krushna approaches inspector Bhaurao (Pravin Tarde), but when he calls the amount from there, he realises that the girl was joking.

Triple Seat Movie Download

This begins a series of a phone conversations between the 2 and that they find yourself sharing their feelings and biography almost everyday. In between all this, Tanvi is handling an abusive father (Vaibhav Mangle) who gets annoyed together with her for the littlest of things. On the opposite hand, Krushna life is unfolding Triple Seat Movie Download rather dramatically as he’s engaged to be married to Vrinda (Pallavi Patil).

In a weird turn of events, on the day of Krushna’s wedding to Vrinda, inspector Bhaurao summons Krushna to the police headquarters as Tanvi goes missing from home and her last call is to Krushna. during a misunderstanding, Tanvi is married off to Krushna and his engagement to Vrinda is named off. Now, Krushna must find how to affect things . After watching Ankush Chaudhari in Double Seat, taking a ride with him in Triple Seat is nearly unbearable. The film may be a never-ending saga of strange coincidences and random comic situations that are mostly unrelatable.

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As far as acting cares , Ankush, Shivani and Pallavi are average and that is a pity because they need some good work to their credit individually. Pravin Tarde and Rakesh Bedi are convincing in their small roles but that’s not enough to save lots of the film. Triple Seat are often an honest await yo as long as you’re certain a no brainer .

The title of the film Triple Seat seems to be inspired by the hit Double Seat, another Ankush Choudhary starrer that also included Vidyadhar Joshi playing the daddy of Ankush’s character. Both films are a mixture of comedy and drama, but the similarities end here. Both films are completely independent in terms of the stories they narrate.

Triple Seat Movie

Reluctant marriage has been one among the common themes in Indian cinema, where the lead pair must pose as spouses for a few reason, which could also be the start of an actual relationship. Triple Seat may be Triple Seat Movie Download a variation on an equivalent theme. The protagonist is Krushna Surve (Chaudhary), who develops a friendship with Meera (Surve) over the phone. the 2 haven’t met, but are close friends of sorts. Meera’s real name is Tanvi, and she or he features a troubled relationship together with her father (Mangale). As Krushna is close to get engaged to Vrunda (Patil), Tanvi appears out of nowhere and claims a relationship with Krushna, a claim that changes everything for all concerned.

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A film like this has two components, which require to figure simultaneously, if the film has got to achieve success . First is that the logic that creates us believe the inevitability of things something which will make us ignore the coincidences, and which results in the matter and therefore the impossibility of finding an easy resolution. The second factor is that the emotional drama which will allow us to identify with the characters, and make us hope for a cheerful ending. If one these components is weaker, it’ll directly reflect on the result. In Triple Seat, the latter works reasonably well while the previous almost tests our patience. the only solution to resolve the matter would be to possess a discussion about the difficulty at hand. the shortage of it makes things appear forced, and that we just got to ignore the matter if we’ve to remain with the story. Once we manage to try to to that, things go smoothly.

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Another problem is that the length of the setup, which takes up the whole half . a discount therein would have given longer for the core emotional drama. Triple Seat Movie Download The exceptions to those are Krushna, Tanvi, and to some extent, Krushna’s father. The film works best when it concentrates on these three, and plays on emotions rather than humour. Ankush Choudhary is typically effective in both, comedy and high situations, but the script of Triple Seatworks best for the latter. Triple Seat lies firmly during a familiar territory, and doesn’t break new ground, but if you’re willing to ignore some obvious errors of judgment, it’ll be an honest entertainer for the vacation season.

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Triple Seat

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